a man is sprinkling powder on a tray of pastries

A Little Slice of Germany

Hand Crafted Baking Methods

The Black Forest Pastry Shop is located in the heart of downtown Greenwich. We bake custom creations, seasonal specialties, as well as German pastries, cakes, pies, tortes, chocolates, cookies, danish and more everyday right on the premises.

For that special day, the Black Forest Pastry Shop’s wedding cakes are the perfect balance of elegance and flavor, custom crafted with the finest ingredients and inspiration.

So whether you’re out for your morning latte, breakfast pastry, or looking for the perfect treat to any special occasion, stop by for a little slice of Germany in downtown Greenwich. Though it might be bustling outside on the Avenue, our friendly staff, personal service, and cozy atmosphere will make you feel right at home.

A Little Bit of History

The Black Forest Pastry Shop was founded by Ed & Louise Mueller in 1982. Ed, now retired, is a classically trained Baeckermeister. Ed & Louise built the foundation, upon which the Black Forest Pastry Shop has become known for: using traditional hand-crafted baking methods to produce delicious high quality baked goods.

After having been raised in the family business since childhood, in 1991, their son Herb traveled to the Black Forest in Germany to begin intensive apprenticeship at the Cafe Roeder in Bad Duerrheim, Germany. After successfully completing the Gesellepruefung, Herb moved on to the Culinary Institute of America, graduating from Baking and Pastry Arts in 1994.

In 1995, the business transitioned onto Herb, who partnered with Dan Puffer to continue on the baking traditions while focusing on creating authentic as well as contemporary pastries. Herb’s father can still be seen on occasion, working in the kitchen during holiday seasons.

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